Authority Members


At the time of the Annual Meetings of each of the five District Councils in May/June of each year, appointments are made to the Authority. Districts have the discretion to re-appoint existing Members or to replace them with other Members, subject to statutory requirements for political balance.

Appointments are also subject to the fulfilment of statutory notification periods, which in some circumstances require a notice of one month to be served prior to appointment yet in other circumstances allow for immediate appointment. Should, for whatever reason, an elected Member cease to be a Member of the District Council which appointed them, they automatically cease to be a Member of the Authority and it is for the District to nominate a replacement.

Once appointed each Member has a responsibility to the public of Merseyside as a whole and not just to the district from which they have been nominated.

Political Composition

Of the 18 elected Members of the Authority, 13 are Labour, 2 are Liberal Democrats, 1 is Green Party, 1 is Liverpool community independent and 1 is conservative.

The Local Government and Housing Act 1989 provides for the division of Members into political groups where appropriate notification is submitted to the Clerk. Not all of the seats on a Committee may be allocated to one Group and if one Group has a majority of the membership of the Authority, then that Group must have a majority of Members on each Committee.

Photograph Councillor Political party District
photo of Cllr Leslie T. Byrom CBE

Cllr Leslie T. Byrom CBE

Chair of the Authority

14 Belvedere Road, Southport, PR8 2PA

Home: 01704574859

Home mobile: 07836621059


Labour Sefton Council
photo of Cllr Terry Byron

Cllr Terry Byron

photo of Cllr Tracy Dickinson

Cllr Tracy Dickinson

Labour St Helens MBC
photo of Cllr Edna Finneran

Cllr Edna Finneran

Chair of Member Development & Engagement Group

204 Baileys Lane, Halewood, Liverpool, L26 9TU

Labour Knowsley
photo of Cllr Harry Gorman

Cllr Harry Gorman

Green Party Wirral
photo of Cllr Sam Gorst

Cllr Sam Gorst

Liverpool City Council

photo of Cllr Janet Grace

Cllr Janet Grace

Lead Member People

32 Whitham Avenue, Crosby, L23 0RD

Work: 0151 474 9931


Labour Sefton Council
photo of Cllr Dave Hanratty

Cllr Dave Hanratty

Labour Group Office, Cunard Building, Liverpool, L31AH

Labour Liverpool City Council
photo of Cllr Lynnie Hinnigan

Cllr Lynnie Hinnigan

44 East Damwood Road, Speke, Liverpool, L24 7RJ

Home mobile: 07525 252 597


Labour Liverpool City Council
photo of Cllr Brian Kenny

Cllr Brian Kenny

Vice-Chair of the Authority

6 The Pier, Water's Edge Apartments, Tower Promenade, Wallasey, CH45 2PP

Work: 0151 538 5488


Labour Wirral
photo of Cllr Doreen Knight

Cllr Doreen Knight


photo of Cllr Ed Lamb

Cllr Ed Lamb

photo of Cllr Andrew Makinson

Cllr Andrew Makinson

Opposition Spokesperson

35 Mapledale Road, Liverpool, L18 5JE

Home: 0151 733 0839



Liberal Democrats Liverpool City Council
photo of Cllr Linda Maloney

Cllr Linda Maloney

Chair of Audit Committee

8 Jubilee Crescent, Haydock, St Helens, WA11 0LR

Home mobile: 07870630722


Labour St Helens MBC
photo of Cllr Pat Moloney

Cllr Pat Moloney

photo of Cllr Sue Murphy

Cllr Sue Murphy

photo of Cllr Barbara Murray

Cllr Barbara Murray

photo of Cllr Lesley Rennie

Cllr Lesley Rennie

Opposition Spokesperson

4 Greenlea Close, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 7RU

Home: 01516448137

Home mobile: 07795450497


Conservative Wirral
photo of Cllr James Roberts

Cllr James Roberts

Vice-Chair of the Authority

Labour Group Office, Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 2DH

Work: 0151 225 2366


Labour Liverpool City Council
photo of Cllr Lynne Thompson

Cllr Lynne Thompson

34 Oakwood Drive, Ainsdale, Southport, PR8 3HZ

Home mobile: 07955 803814


Liberal Democrats Sefton Council
photo of Cllr Paul Tweed

Cllr Paul Tweed

Lead Scrutiny Member

37 York Close, Netherton, Bootle, L30 7QP

Home: 0151 476 4834


Labour Sefton Council
photo of Cllr Gillian Wood

Cllr Gillian Wood

Home mobile: 07493 142 672


Labour Wirral