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Revised Home Safety Strategy Presentation

To consider report CFO/014/22 and a presentationproviding a review of the revised Home Safety Strategy, and the impact of targeted campaigns within the most deprived wards.


Members considered the revised home safety strategy and were given a presentation by Area Manager, Ged Sheridan, which focused on areas of coverage, points of intervention, vulnerability factors and plans for the future.


Members were advised that Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service were the first in the country to fully return to prevention work during the pandemic and the Chair asked how this was possible. It was explained that a risk-based approach was taken to prevention work and that during the pandemic MFRA’s Chief Fire Officer was the national lead for Covid. Through work undertaken by the Strategic Business Continuity Group, an opportunity had arisen to return to prevention work as the benefits outweighed the risk at that time.


MFRA had worked closely with the Merseyside Health and Protection Board which had helped to identify the risks to Merseyside and through that, it was clear that prevention work needed to restart. The Authority’s ability to maintain that level of activity throughout Covid was commended as an excellent decision for communities.


Members were advised that internal processes had been improved since prevention work recommenced, in particular a move to ‘tough pads’ from paper forms. It was explained that this advance in technology was allowing officers to capture risks quicker using live data and also provided more flexibility to amend and adapt the forms used in Home Fire Safety Checks.


Councillor Connor asked how the process was quality assured and was advised that Station Managers also took part to ensure that the messaging was consistent and the Authority’s interactions with the public during these visits were of a high standard. The Authority also contacted members of the public after visits as part of ensuring the process was quality assured.


ACTION: Members praised the presentation and requested that it be presented to each of the Local Authorities to ensure the Council was aware of the Authority’s plan and achievements


The Committee discussed how data was used to identify vulnerable parts of the community that may not be registered with a GP. It was acknowledged that some people could be hard to identify and it was an aspiration of the Authority to gather more data in order to refine its targeted approach.


Councillor Wood enquired as to how this information was shared with schools who could feedback the information to older relatives who may be at risk. Members were informed that it was part of Area Manager Ged Sheridan’s role to engage with schools through working with the Princes Trust, Beacon Project and Cadets to get the right messages shared with families.


With regards to energy suppliers, it was explained that the Authority had good relationships with Cadent and oxygen suppliers through the Local Resilience Forum and had identifies some vulnerable households with this data.


Members queried whether the Open Days that the Authority previously participated in before the pandemic would make a return as they felt there was value in different services co-hosting an event to spread awareness on these issues.  It was acknowledged that Covid had forced a lot of initiatives into a hiatus and it was hoped that work could recommence.


RESOLVED that the Authority note the contents of the report and presentation.

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