Agenda item

Asset Management Plans 2021/2026

To consider Report CFO/001/21 of the Chief Fire Officer, concerning how the Authority plans to align its physical asset base with its corporate goals and objectives over the next 5 years (2021/22 – 2025/6).



Members considered Report CFO/001/21 of the Chief Fire Officer, concerning how the Authority, plans to align its physical asset base with its corporate goals and objectives over the next 5 years (2021/22 – 2025/6).


Members were informed that the Asset Management Plans take account of the financial and environmental challenge faced by the Authority. Along with the changes that are likely to be required in order to continue to meet requirements and expectations of both internal and external service users.


Members were provided with an overview of the report, and it was highlighted that the Asset Management Plans are directly aligned with the IRMP 2021-24, to ensure that the Authority has Estate, ICT and Transport Plans in place, to meet and underpin the IRMP proposals.


The Chair of the Authority commented that a specific challenge for the Authority moving forward, will be around the use of electric vehicles. It was commented that the technology is not quite there at present, but we need to remain alive to the issue.


It was suggested that the Authority may wish to scrutinise its agenda around the green economy and carbon reduction, via its scrutiny functions. It was commented that there are lots of issues to consider, not only around the provision of electric vehicles, but also around infrastructure. As such, it was noted that the new TDA will be built around the provision of electric vehicles.


A further question was raised by Members around a review of the stations at Heswall and Bromborough, as the plans reference the potential to combine the 2 existing sites, at a site “to be determined”. Members asked whether this was proposing to build one station to replace the existing 2; and if so, what the potential timescale would be.


Members were advised that there is no timescale for this at present. It was confirmed that with Authority approval, a refurbishment of Heswall Fire Station has commenced, with Bromborough also due to be refurbished in the near future. Members were advised that some decisions will be financially driven, and as such, the IRMP 2021-24, does not include provision for a new station merger of Bromborough and Heswall. It was noted that whilst Heswall is quite a nice station, in the heart of the community, Bromborough isn’t, even with investment. Therefore, consideration will be given in the future as to how the Authority can move away from the current location, whilst still maintaining performance, the number of appliances and the number of firefighters. Members were informed that what will drive any change, is trying to create a location that is fit for our staff, which will meet all of our equality objectives; and which allows staff to train against foreseeable risk.

It was confirmed to Members therefore, that although it may be an aspiration at present, rather than reality, the aspiration is to look at a merger option in the future, that enables us to maintain performance and response standards, whilst improving facilities for our staff.



Members Resolved that:


a)    the revised Asset Management Plans provided as Appendices to this report, be approved.


b)    Scrutiny of the Authority’s green agenda, be included within the Forward Work Plan for the Authority’s Scrutiny Committee.


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