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To consider report CFO/012/19 of the Chief Fire Officer, concerning the Service Delivery Plan for 2019/20. 



Members considered Report CFO/012/19 of the Chief Fire Officer, concerning the Service Delivery Plan for 2019/20, and the Community Fire and Rescue Station plans (Station Plans).


Members were provided with a detailed overview of the report, which highlighted the format and components of the Service Delivery Plan. They were informed that the report reflects on outcomes and looks to set ambitious objectives and targets for the coming year.


Members were advised that a Functional Plan is produced for each Directorate, which complements the delivery of the IRMP: and key actions from the Functional Plans are also included within the Service Delivery Plan. They were also advised that a Station Plan is produced for every community Fire Station, which feed into the Functional Plans, which in turn feed into the Service Delivery Plan and the IRMP.


In terms of performance for 2018/19, it was highlighted to Members that the figures included within the report are still draft at present, as it is not quite the end of the reporting period.


Members were advised that the total number of emergency calls received was over target, however this is due to the significant number of accidental small fires during the summer months.

With regards to sickness absence, Members were informed that there have been significant improvements on the figures for 2017/18.

In terms of the total number of accidental dwelling fires and the number of deaths in accidental dwelling fires, Members were advised that the numbers are below those predicted, which is really positive. It was highlighted to Members that the number of fire deaths for 2018/19 will be 4, which mirrors the number for 2017/18, which was the lowest number recorded.


The Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for 2019/20, where then highlighted to Members and they were informed that the targets set are challenging.


Key elements of the IRMP were then highlighted, including the equality objectives; and it was noted that the proposals within the IRMP Supplement are currently going through public consultation.


With regards to the Functional Plans, Members were advised that they contain a number of objectives for each Department. They were informed that a number of objectives within those Functional Plans, are as a results of some issues raised during the HMICFRS.

It was re-iterated to Members that all of the Functional Plans, underpin the delivery of the IRMP.


The Station Planning process was then explained to Members; and they were informed that the Station Plans take account of the demographics of the area; and are discharged at Station level, ensuring that by focusing on outputs, the required outcomes are secured for communities. It was also highlighted that all of the Station Plans are publically available.


The process for IRMP planning was also highlighted.


Under 7.2 Service Delivery Plan Action Points – “Operational Response – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Objectives”, Members pointed out that the last sentence under ED/19/20/2.10 is incomplete.

Officers assured Members that they would check the information and resolve the omission.


Members commended the report and thanked all Officers involved in its production.




That Members consider and approve the attached Service Delivery Plan (Appendix 1) for 2019/20 prior to publication on the Authority’s website.



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