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Liverpool District Update Report 2014-15

To consider Report CFO/040/15 of the Deputy Chief Fire Officer, concerning performance of the Liverpool District against the objectives set within the Liverpool Community Safety Plan for 2014/15.


Members considered Report CFO/040/15 of the Deputy Chief Fire Officer, concerning performance of the Liverpool District against the objectives set within the Liverpool Community Safety Plan for 2014/15.


Members were provided with a presentation from Group Manager Ben Ryder, and the Liverpool District Management Team, concerning an overview of performance for Liverpool for 2014/15, partnership structures and how they are resourced; and a detailed case study. The presentation included input from Merseyside Police Chief Inspector Greg Lambert, who is the Strategic Partnerships Co-ordinator for Liverpool Basic Command Unit.


The presentation highlighted how the District performed during 2014/15 against some key performance indicators.


One area of concern identified, has been the number of Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) within the District. However overall, performance has been good with reductions observed in the number of accidental dwelling fires. These reductions have been achieved through using resources more efficiently, with staff delivering Home Fire Safety Checks to the most vulnerable across the whole District, not just limited to their specific station area.


Good performance was also observed in relation to the alert to mobile target, and speed and weight of response is deemed to be effective, with the target achieved in relation to confining fire to the room of origin.


The presentation highlighted that the population in Liverpool is up 2% and the City is the North West hub for asylum seekers. This particular demographic comes with complex needs which the Authority need to react to; and contribute to, working alongside partners.

In addition, all Liverpool Community Fire Stations are now established Safe Haven’s, for vulnerable people seeking refuge.


Members were informed of recognition received in relation to the work undertaken under the Fire Fit brand, which has been recognised for best practice by the International Olympic Committee in a recent report.


The presentation also highlighted a recent partnership initiative with Odeon Cinemas in Liverpool, in which key fire and road safety messages were broadcast prior to screenings of Disney’s “Planes Fire & Rescue”. This was a particularly innovative initiative, which occurred as a result of the forward thinking of a member of MFRA staff.


The presentation highlighted the partnership structures in place and partnership work ongoing within the Liverpool District, around areas such as anti-social behaviour, hate crime and vulnerable victims. Such partnership working resulted in a reduction for 2014/15 of over 500 anti-social behaviour fires on the previous year. 


In addition, the presentation provided Members with an overview of some of the potential implications to the Authority, of the Care Act 2015; and how the Authority can work with partners to make a significant contribution to the safeguarding of vulnerable older people moving forward.


The Committee also heard from Chief Inspector Greg Lambert of the value of joint working between MFRA and Merseyside Police.


Finally, Members were provided with a case study, which centred on the discovery of a large number of butane gas canisters within a flat, which were being used by the occupant as a drug. Members were shown footage highlighting the dangers associated with use of butane gas and the fire risks associated with the substance.


Members discussed at length the emerging problem of "legal highs" especially in relation to the increased risk of fire that some substances bring with them, and how awareness of the inherent risks might be highlighted to the communities of Merseyside.


Members resolved that:


a)    Performance in relation to the Liverpool District Stations, and Protection and Prevention Teams delivery against the Liverpool District Community Safety Plan, be noted.


b)    Officers be thanked for the very informative presentation and the fantastic work under taken within the Liverpool District.


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