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Information about Pensions Board

The Authority’s local Pensions Board was established in accordance with statutory requirements, set out in the Public Services Pensions Act 2013.


The Board is a non-decision making body set up to assist the Scheme Manager in fulfilling his duties and ensuring that the Scheme complies with legislation relating to its governance and administration, its own rules and any requirements of the Pensions Regulator.




There are six Pension Board members consisting of three employer representatives and three employee representatives. They are:


Cllr Paul Tweed (Chair)

Deb Appleton (Director of Strategy & Performance – MFRS)

Nick Searle (Director of Operational Preparedness – MFRS)

Kevin Hughes (Fire Brigades Union)

Mark Rowe (Fire Brigades Union)

Guy Keen (Fire Officers Association)


The complete Terms of Reference for the Pensions Board can be found here.

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